Ximena Cadima Fuentes

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We evaluated 30 patients with a tentative diagnosis of epilepsy who did not respond to anticonvulsant therapy. Crisis were induced through suggestion with simultaneous EEG recording. Pseudoseizures were revealed in 10 patients. A depressive syndrome was present in 5 and other psychiatric disorders in the rest. Psychiatric therapy was effective in(More)
INTRODUCTION It is estimated that Chilean geriatric population (=65 years) will hit 16% in the year 2030. Psychiatric longer stays have been described for those equal 65 years vs. less than 65 years. We aim to describe the characteristics associated with lengths of stay in our psychiatric unit. MATERIAL AND METHODS Retrospective review of 3112 admissions(More)
Inhabitants of the high-mountain Andes have already begun to experience changes in the timing, severity, and patterning of annual weather cycles. These changes have important implications for agriculture, for human health, and for the conservation of biodiversity in the region. This paper examines the implications of climate-driven changes for native and(More)
Potato wild relatives are important sources of novel variation for the genetic improvement of the cultivated potato. Consequently, many natural populations have been sampled and were deposited as accessions in gene banks around the world. Here we investigate to what extent the genetic variation of Bolivian wild potato species is maintained under gene bank(More)
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