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The neuroanatomical morphology of the optic nerve is an important description for understanding different aspects like topological distribution of nerves. Manual identification and morphometry has been usually considered as tedious, time consuming, and susceptible to error. A method that automates the identification and analysis of axons from electron(More)
Ultrasound images are very noisy. Along with system noise, a significant noise source is the speckle phenomenon caused by interference in the viewed object. The noise of ultrasound image was always deemed as multiplicative noise, but the present multiplicative noise models are not fitting for it very well, because the noise is more complex than the simple(More)
In this paper, we propose a variational projection model to diffuse the evolution of Chan-Vese model (i.e., active contours without edges) to be close to a signed distance function, for which has a good geometric feature in level set function formulation. Then, by introducing an auxiliary variable and a Bregman iterative parameter, we build a fast numerical(More)
Chan-Vese model, i.e., active contours without edges, is a successful variational model for segmentation. However, it is also a non-convex model, which means that quality of the segmentation result depends on the choice of initialization. An approximating model, in which the energy function is convex, ensures that there is a unique optimal segmentation and(More)
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