Ximei Lu

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This paper reports on the development status of a Multimedia Asset Management (MAM) test-bed for content-based indexing and retrieval of audiovisual documents within the MPEG-7 standard. The project, called "MPEG-7 AudioVisual Document Indexing System" (MADIS), specifically targets the indexing and retrieval of video shots and key frames from documentary(More)
We review our experience, including some lessons learned, with using Java to create data browsing tools for use with the Astronomy Digital Image Library (ADIL) and related digital library projects at NCSA. We give an overview of our Image Data Browser, a generalized tool under development through a collaboration with the NCSA/NASA Project Horizon in support(More)
Product innovative design in companies today relies heavily on individual members' experience and creative ideation as well as their skills of integrating creativity and innovation tools with design methods agilely. Creative ideation and inventive ideas generation are two crucial stages in product innovative design process. Ideal solution is the desire(More)
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