Xilin Li

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We discuss the human role in hydropower system control, noting how it is different from other supervisory control environments and noting the typical shortcomings in current displays provided to hydropower system controllers. We describe steps towards evaluating proposed functional displays with industry hydropower controllers whose time with us was limited(More)
(2005). Applying the control adaptation method to a real world system: Hydropower system example. ABSTRACT This paper presents part of a project aimed at evaluating ecological interfaces in a real world complex system –a hydropower system. We investigate whether an advanced measurement method—here called the control adaptation method (CAM)—can be extended(More)
The minerals industry is a complex work domain where people, procedures and equipments need to interact safely and efficiently. Given the importance of the human element in this industry, it is surprising that, to date, comparatively few studies have been published that specifically examine operator decision making. This paper presents two ongoing case(More)
—We present the design process of a highly portable integrated power system simulator developed to support investigation into human interface design for a complex hydro power system. The most important development phases of the simulator are described followed by insights that guided developers to the final version. The architecture of the simulator is(More)
To satisfy the requirement of ecological sustainability in urban landscapes, the deep ecology idea and the landscape ecology theory were introduced into the philosophy of design, resulting in a research on design method strategy that is focused on three correlations, namely, “Ecology-Space,” “Ecology-Technology,” and(More)
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