Xiliang Chen

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Based on a low-temperature route, monodispersed CoFe2O4 microspheres (MSs) were fabricated through aggregation of primary nanoparticles. The microstructural and magnetic characteristics of the as-prepared MSs were characterized by X-ray diffraction/photoelectron spectroscopy, scanning/transmitting electron microscopy, and vibrating sample magnetometer. The(More)
A multiphasic model for the volume change of polyelectrolyte hydrogels that takes into account conservation of mass and momentum is derived. The gradient of chemical/electrochemical potentials of water and mobile ions is taken as the driving force for the volume change of the polyelectrolyte hydrogel, which is damped by the frictional forces between(More)
We present an innovative drawing tool that can detect tangible drawing instruments on a capacitive multi-touch tablet. There are three core components to the system: the tangible hardware, the recognizer used to identify the tangibles, and the drawing application. Our tangible drawing instruments include a ruler, protractor and set square. Users can apply(More)
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