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OBJECTIVE To establish and experimental verification the mathematical model of the balance groups that is the steady-state of traditional Chinese medicine in extraction. METHOD Using the entropy and genetic principles of statistics, and taking the coefficient of variation of GC fingerprint which is the naphtha of the Houttuynia cordata between strains in(More)
Loss-aversion is a phenomenon where investors are particularly sensitive to losses and eager to avoid them. An efficient method to solve the portfolio optimization problem of maximizing the bilinear utility function is given by Best et al. (Loss-Aversion with Kinked Linear Utility Functions, CORR 2010-04, University of Waterloo, 2010). This method is useful(More)
a r t i c l e i n f o A single-period portfolio selection theory provides optimal tradeoff between the mean and the variance of the portfolio return for a future period. However, in a real investment process, the investment horizon is usually multi-period and the investor needs to rebalance his position from time to time. Hence it is natural to extend the(More)
OBJECTIVE To explore the once sampling quantitation of Houttuynia cordata through its DNA polymorphic bands that carried information entropy, from other form that the expression of traditional Chinese medicine polymorphism, genetic polymorphism, of traditional Chinese medicine. METHOD The technique of inter simple sequence repeat (ISSR) was applied to(More)
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