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Early growth response-2 (Egr-2) protein is a transcription factor, which belongs to Egr family which involve in modulating the peripheral immune response, by means of the induction of differentiation of lymphocyte precursors, activation of T and B cells. Egr-2 plays essential roles in peripheral nerve myelination, adipogenesis, tissue repair and fibrosis,(More)
Drugs can influence the whole biological system by targeting interaction reactions. The existence of interactions between drugs and network reactions suggests a potential way to discover targets. The in silico prediction of potential interactions between drugs and target proteins is of core importance for the identification of new drugs or novel targets for(More)
—Since the seminal work of Grossglauser and Tse [1], the two-hop relay algorithm and its variants have been attractive for mobile ad hoc networks (MANETs) due to their simplicity and efficiency. However, most literature assumed an infinite buffer size for each node, which is obviously not applicable to a realistic MANET. In this paper, we focus on the exact(More)
Alcohol-induced liver disease (ALD) is a leading cause of non-accident-related deaths in the world. Identification of an early specific signature of ALD would aid in therapeutic intervention. Scoparone is an important constituent of Yinchenhao, and displayed bright prospects in hepatoprotective effect. However, its precise molecular mechanism has not been(More)
Hepatitis B virus (HBV) is the fatal consequence of chronic hepatitis, and lack of biomarkers has been a long standing bottleneck in the clinical diagnosis. Metabolomics concerns with comprehensive analysis of small molecules and provides a powerful approach to discover biomarkers in biological systems. Here, we present metabolomics analysis applying(More)