Xijun Ma

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Most modern text-to-speech (TTS) systems are unit selection style. In this kind of system, the predicted prosody values, such as pitch, duration and energy values for each synthesis unit, are important factors to conduct unit selection. We present a probability based prosody model in which the distribution of prosody values in a given context equivalent(More)
Work breakdown structures are the base for project management. The quality of work breakdown structures of automobile R&D project directly affects the control of the process of automobile new product development in time, cost, scope, quality and other aspects. In order to improve the quality of work breakdown structures, the paper introduces(More)
For a TTS system, to synthesize speech with better prosody, accent information is expected to be involved. Therefore, we defined a set of accent indexes (AI) to represent the variances of accent in Chinese speech, and proposed a novel method to automatically annotate Chinese speech with the AI. In the method, a parameter, named approximation-ratio, was used(More)
Corpus based Concatenative Text-To-Speech (CTTS) systems have been proven a successful method to produce good voice quality speech. However, It requires a large inventory of synthesis segments and complex search algorithms, which sometimes hinder the usability of CTTS. Segment pre-selection targets to prune the candidate segments to achieve the best(More)
LIMITED DISTRIBUTION NOTICE: This report has been submitted for publication outside of IBM and will probably be copyrighted if accepted for publication. It has been issued as a Research Report for early dissemination of its contents. In view of the transfer of copyright to the outside publisher, its distribution outside of IBM prior to publication should be(More)
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