Xihuai Wang

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Artificial fish-swarm algorithm (AFSA) is a novel optimizing method. It has a strong robustness and good global astringency, and it is also proved to be insensitive to initial values. However, it has some defects as low optimizing precision, and low speed of astringency in the later period of the optimization. In this paper, an adaptive AFSA algorithm is(More)
Due to its structural simplicity and good properties, radial basis function (RBF) neural network has increasingly been used in many areas for the solution of difficult real-world problems, especially the nonlinear system dynamic modeling. However, the major problem toward using RBF network is the appropriate selection of radial basis function parameters.(More)
To solve the slow convergence speed, low precision in later period and tedious parameter setting of differential evolution when applied to complex optimization functions, an improved differential evolution algorithm (dn-DADE) based on dynamic adaptive strategy is proposed. Firstly, the elite solutions of current population are utilized in the new mutation(More)
A sort of annealing particle swarm optimization algorithm based on logistic function is proposed to deal with the problem of shipboard power system network reconfiguration. In this algorithm, part of the particle swarm is annealed based on the character of the logistic function. This method can solve the problem of local minimum of the standard particle(More)
On the base of the special configuration of distribution network, solved generating a large number of infeasible solutions in reconfiguration of distribution network by using cyclic coding strategy, this paper proposed corresponding decimal encoding and its mutation, crossover and selection operators. For the previous discussion about radial structure(More)
Swarm intelligence algorithm as a new bionics evolutionary algorithm has attracted many researchers' attention for its simplicity, efficiency and easy realization. This paper tries to explain the basic principle of Cultural Algorithm and Particle Swarm Optimization from the standpoint of philosophy, and later some examples of function optimization are used(More)
The relative reduction of attributes in decision table is an important topic in the research on rough set theory. It has been proven that computing all the reductions and the optimal (minimal) reduction of decision table is a NP-hard problem. Most of the algorithms are heuristic and the obtained reductions are sub-optimal. A kind of generalized information(More)
A new method of the container codes' localization and character segmentation is brought forward in this paper. It deals with the container images by HIS localization to get the codes area first, and then deals with the codes area images with some image processing technology, finally get the codes' characters by the character segmentation technology. It is(More)