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This paper presents methods and experimental results for phonetic classification using 39 phone classes and the NIST recommended training and test sets for NTIMIT and TIMIT. Spectral/temporal features which represent the smoothed trajectory of FFT derived speech spectra over 300 ms intervals are used for the analysis. Classification tests are made with both(More)
In this paper we present an approach for efficiently computing a compact temporal/spectral feature set for representing a segment of speech, with effective resolution depending on both frequency and time position within the segment. The goal is to mimic the resolution properties of the human auditory system, but using a computationally efficient FFT-based(More)
A shared space should be cooperatively maintained by all users. However, due to social loafing, often nobody maintains it and its condition worsens. We propose exudation of a shared space. Part of a shared space is exuded into personal workspaces so that office workers are forced to subjectively experience the atmosphere of the shared space, even while they(More)
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