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Recent developments of ketene dithioacetal chemistry.
This review aims to provide an intrinsic link between ketene dithioacetal groups and a variety of other functional groups, which has brought out many new facts that will assist in future designs. Expand
Affinity-based labeling of cytohesins with a bifunctional SecinH3 photoaffinity probe.
By applying SecinH3 photoaffinity probes to a wide range of GEFs and their small GTPase substrates, it is demonstrated that Secin derivatives, which enable the direct detection of the covalent linkage between thephotoaffinity probe and the cytohesin Sec7 domain, exhibit high specificity for cy tohesins. Expand
Silver-Catalyzed Cascade Reaction of β-Enaminones and Isocyanoacetates To Construct Functionalized Pyrroles.
A hypothesized sequential Mannich addition/cyclization of imine tautomers and isocyanoacetates followed by an unprecedented ring-opening of the resultant 2-imidazolines and dehydration-condensation deliver the final 1,2,4,5-tetrasubstituted pyrrole products. Expand
Regiospecific β-lactam ring-opening/recyclization reactions of N-aryl-3-spirocyclic-β-lactams catalyzed by a Lewis-Brønsted acids combined superacid catalyst system: a new entry to
The regiospecific β- lactam ring-opening/recyclization reaction of N-aryl-3-spirocyclic-β-lactams has been achieved for the first time using a Lewis-Brønsted acids combined superacid catalyst system, thus providing an efficient entry to 3-spIROcyclicquinolin-4(1H)-ones. Expand
Silver-catalysed reactions of alkynes: recent advances.
This critical review clearly indicates that silver catalysis provides a significant impetus to the rapid evolution of alkyne-based organic reactions, such as alkynylation, hydrofunctionalization, cycloaddition, cycloisomerization, and cascade reactions. Expand
Chemoselective oxidative C(CO)-C(methyl) bond cleavage of methyl ketones to aldehydes catalyzed by CuI with molecular oxygen.
This method is applicable to a wide range of aromatic and aliphatic methyl ketones and chemoselectively produces aldehydes, accompanied by the release of hydrogen (H2 ) and carbon dioxide (CO2 ) as by-products. Expand
Copper-mediated chelation-assisted ortho nitration of (hetero)arenes.
Mechanistic investigations indicate a mechanism involving a four-centered transition state, with simultaneous cleavage of an ortho C-H bond and a N-O bond of the nitrate anion on the 2-arylpyridine-coordinated copper(II) complex. Expand
Silver(I)-catalyzed hydroazidation of ethynyl carbinols: synthesis of 2-azidoallyl alcohols.
A chemo- and regioselective transformation of ethynyl carbinols into vinyl azides is described, which produces a wide variety of 2-azidoallyl alcohols with high efficiency and in good to excellent yields. Expand
[5 + 1] annulation: a synthetic strategy for highly substituted phenols and cyclohexenones.
A novel [5 + 1] annulation strategy is developed for the synthesis of highly substituted phenols and cyclohexenones from alpha-alkenoyl ketenedithioacetals and nitroalkanes.