Xifeng Qiao

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A modified method for multi-site-directed mutagenesis was developed here based on polymerase chain reaction (PCR), DpnI digestion, and overlap extension. It needs only methylated plasmids obtained by Dam methyltransferase or plasmids from dam(+)Escherichia coli containing target gene. The procedure consists of PCR, DpnI digestion, overlap extension PCR, and(More)
Selenium, an essential trace element for human health, mainly exerts its biological function through selenoproteins. Selenoprotein M (SelM) is one of the highly expressed selenoproteins in the brain, but its biological effect and molecular mechanism remain unclear. Thus, the interactive protein of SelM was investigated in this paper to guide further study.(More)
Background Selenoprotein is any protein containing seleno-cysteine (Sec) encoded by UGA, a stop codon. Selenoproteins were discovered in eukaryote, bacteria and archaea, except for plants, fungi, some green alga and silk worm, because there is no selenoprotein synthesis system discovered in them. About 25 selenoproteins were found out in human being. Some(More)
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