Xifeng Qian

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A compact, tunable, narrowband terahertz source was demonstrated by mixing a single longitudinal mode 2.408 THz, free running quantum cascade laser with a 2-20 GHz microwave sweeper in a conventional corner-cube-mounted Schottky diode. The sideband spectra were characterized with a Fourier transform spectrometer, and the radiation was tuned through several(More)
A simple analog locking circuit was shown to stabilize the beat signal between a 2.408 THz quantum cascade laser and a CH(2)DOH THz CO(2) optically pumped molecular laser to 3-4 kHz (FWHM). This is approximately a tenth of the observed long-term (t approximately sec) linewidth of the optically pumped laser showing that the feedback loop corrects for much of(More)
A coherent transceiver using a THz quantum cascade (TQCL) laser as the transmitter and an optically pumped molecular laser as the local oscillator has been used, with a pair of Schottky diode mixers in the receiver and reference channels, to acquire high-resolution images of fully illuminated targets, including scale models and concealed objects. Phase(More)
Operational temperature increase of CW THz QCLs to 77 K has enabled us to employ solid nitrogen (SN 2) as the cryogen. A roughing pump was used to solidify liquid nitrogen and when the residual vapor pressure in the nitrogen reservoir reached the pumping system's minimum pressure the temperature equilibrated and remained constant until all the nitrogen(More)
Frequency stabilization of a THz quantum cascade laser (QCL) to the harmonic of a microwave source has been accomplished using a Schottky diode waveguide mixer designed for harmonic mixing. The 2.32 THz, 1.0 milliwatt CW QCL is coupled into the signal port of the mixer and a 110 GHz signal, derived from a harmonic of a microwave synthesizer, is coupled into(More)
Optically active, highly uniform, cylindrical InGaAs quantum dot ͑QD͒ arrays have been fabricated using nanosphere lithography combined with Bromine ion-beam-assisted etching and molecular beam epitaxy ͑MBE͒-assisted GaAs mass transport. Previously fabricated QD nanopillar arrays showed significant degradation of optical properties due to the etch damage.(More)
We demonstrate the fabrication of optically active uniform InGaAs quantum dot arrays by combining nanosphere lithography and bromine ion-beam-assisted etching on a single InGaAs/ GaAs quantum well. A wide range of lateral dot sizes was achieved from an oxygen plasma nanosphere resizing process. The increased lateral confinement of carriers in the dots(More)
We demonstrate active voltage-controlled spectral tuning of mid-infrared plasmonic structures. Extraordinary optical transmission gratings were fabricated on n-doped GaAs epilayers with a HfO 2 gate dielectric between the grating and the doped semiconductor. The permittivity of the GaAs was tuned by depleting charge carriers below the top grating gate upon(More)
T cell abnormalities have been reported to play an important role in pathogenesis of immune thrombocytopenia (ITP) besides specific autoantibodies towards platelet. The aim of this study was to explore the clinical importance of T lymphocyte subsets in adult patients with newly diagnosed ITP before and after first-line treatment. Elderly ITP patients were(More)
A compact, tunable, ultranarrowband terahertz source, Δν∼1  MHz, is demonstrated by upconversion of a 2.324 THz, free-running quantum cascade laser with a THz Schottky-diode-balanced mixer using a swept, synthesized microwave source to drive the nonlinearity. Continuously tunable radiation of 1 μW power is demonstrated in two frequency regions: ν(Laser) ± 0(More)