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Myrothenones A and B, cyclopentenone derivatives with tyrosinase inhibitory activity from the marine-derived fungus Myrothecium sp.
New 3-amino-5-ethenylcyclopentenones, myrothenones A and B, were isolated together with known 6-n-pentyl-alpha-pyrone, which exhibited a tyrosinase inhibitory activity more active than kojic acid currently being used as a functional personal-care compound. Expand
New polyoxygenated farnesylcyclohexenones, deacetoxyyanuthone A and its hydro derivative from the marine-derived fungus Penicillium sp.
Compounds 1 and 3 showed moderate in vitro cytotoxicity in a panel of five human tumor cell lines, and 1 exhibited mild in vitro antibacterial activity against methicillin-resistant and multidrug-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MIC, 50 microg/mL). Expand
Density functional theory studies of electron interaction with DNA: can zero eV electrons induce strand breaks?
It is found that bond cleavages at 3' or 5'C-O sites after addition of an electron are possible with a ca. Expand
Investigation of Proton Transfer within DNA Base Pair Anion and Cation Radicals by Density Functional Theory (DFT)
Proton-transfer reactions in two DNA base pair anion and cation radicals are treated by density functional theory to aid our understanding of the possible contributions of these reactions to electronExpand
Golmaenone, a new diketopiperazine alkaloid from the marine-derived fungus Aspergillus sp.
  • Y. Li, Xifeng Li, +4 authors B. Son
  • Chemistry, Medicine
  • Chemical & pharmaceutical bulletin
  • 1 March 2004
Two new diketopiperazine alkaloids have been isolated from the culture broth of the marine-derived fungus Aspergillus sp. Expand
Isolation and anti-hepatitis B virus activity of dibenzocyclooctadiene lignans from the fruits of Schisandra chinensis.
Seven lignans with a dibenzocyclooctadiene skeleton, termed schinlignans A-G, and a 6,7-seco-homolignan, schischinone, together with seven known lignans, were isolated from the fruits of SchisandraExpand
New radical scavenging and ultraviolet-A protecting prenylated dioxopiperazine alkaloid related to isoechinulin A from a marine isolate of the fungus Aspergillus.
A number of isoechinulin-type metabolites, characterized by a dehydrotryptophan unit, all containing isoprenic and reversed isoprenic chains in the 2and 5-positions of the indole nucleus,Expand
Antibacterial and Radical Scavenging Epoxycyclohexenones and Aromatic Polyols from a Marine Isolate of the Fungus Aspergillus
Bioassay-guided fractionation of an organic extract of the broth from the marine-derived fungus of the genus Aspergillus led to the isolation of the polyketides, (+)-epoxydon (1), (+)-epoxydonExpand