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o-Nitrophenol, m-nitrophenol, and p-nitrophenol could well be separated by capillary zone electrophoresis (CZE) by only adjusting the run buffer with methanol. Efficiency up to 10(5) theoretical plates per meter was achieved. The effects of several important factors were investigated to find optimum conditions. The linear range, regression equation, and the(More)
In this paper, capillary zone electrophoresis with amperometric detection (CZE-AD) was firstly applied to the simultaneous separation and determination of nitroaniline positional isomers. The three analytes could be perfectly analyzed by using the buffer of extreme pH. The effects of several important factors were investigated to find optimum conditions. A(More)
Intelligent management to the large scale Ad Hoc network has already become a kind of trend, and the clustering algorithm is the key. This article examines formula factors and their mutual relations of EWCA algorithm weights. After considering complex external environment of nodes, digging factors of network, it proposes an algorithm that calculates, sets(More)
According to the large overshoot and high static error of traditional DC bus voltage control, Active Power Filter (APF) DC bus system model is built on the basis of analyzing of APF DC bus voltage control theory, and a new DC bus voltage control method based on combination of PI control and fuzzy control is proposed, then an experimental prototype is built.(More)
Unique and stable reference point is essential for registration and identification in automated fingerprint identification systems. Most existing methods for detecting reference points need to scan the fingerprint image or orientation field pixel by pixel or block by block to confirm a candidate reference point. The inherent complexity of this process makes(More)