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An approach to approximate interval models by neural networks is proposed. The networks are structured according to the corresponding interval models, which makes them different from the existing interval backpropagation networks. The approach can incorporate analytical knowledge as well as expert's knowledge in the network and can provide transparency to(More)
Many processes in reality exhibit nonlinear characteristics and in most of cases they cannot be treated satisfactorily using linearized approach in a large operating range. In this paper, an approximate approach is introduced to overcome the inaccuracy and inconsistency between the linearized model and the real process, due to linear representation of the(More)
A control system design of a new explosive ordnance disposal (EOD) robot based on the binocular stereo vision location is presented in this paper. The principle of the binocular vision location and the design of a motion control system are described. Real-time control system of the robot based on xPC target through the Matlab/RTW method run successfully in(More)
Many systems in reality exhibit nonlinear characteristics and in most cases they cannot be treated satisfactorily using linearized approaches over the full operating range. In this paper, an approximate modeling approach is introduced to overcome the mismatch between the linear/linearized model and the real nonlinear plant by treating the nonlinear system(More)
Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology has been widely used in many fields. However, previous studies have mainly focused on product life cycle tracking, and there are few studies on real-time status monitoring of workpieces in manufacturing workshops. In this paper, a wisdom manufacturing model is introduced, a sensing-aware environment for a(More)
Tool breakage causes losses of surface polishing and dimensional accuracy for machined part, or possible damage to a workpiece or machine. Tool Condition Monitoring (TCM) is considerably vital in the manufacturing industry. In this paper, an indirect TCM approach is introduced with a wireless triaxial accelerometer. The vibrations in the three vertical(More)
This paper presents a novel way for a structural dynamic simulation analysis on a three-dimensional (3-D) finite element (FE) model of a 6-DOF Manipulator using ANSYS Workbench 13.0 that allows integrated optimization. The load between driving and driven gear is delivered by elastic frictional contact, which leads to some non-liner contact problems, and the(More)
Considering the hybrid nature of manufacturing systems where continuity and discreteness coexist, a hybrid analytic and simulation modeling approach for manufacturing systems using Arena, MATLABpsilas Simulink and Statflow is proposed. According to different simulation demands in different resolution level, the multi-resolution model is divided into three(More)
Some problems of hierarchical control architecture of manufacturing systems are investigated. Distributed architecture and contract net protocol are applied to address these problems. A robustness assessment model for CNP-based job scheduling is built and used to compare with that of rigid job scheduling. The result suggests decentralized control strategy(More)