Xieping Gao

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The ensemble classifier plays a critical role in protein fold recognition. In this article, a novel hierarchical ensemble classifier named GAOEC (Genetic-Algorithm Optimized Ensemble Classifier) is presented and it can be constructed in the following steps. First, a novel optimized classifier named GAET-KNN (Genetic-Algorithm Evidence-Theoretic K Nearest(More)
—Mammography is the most effective procedure for the early detection of breast cancer. In this paper, we develop a novel algorithm to detect suspicious lesions in mammograms. The algorithm utilizes the combination of adaptive global thresholding segmentation and adaptive local thresholding segmentation on a multiresolution representation of the original(More)
Keywords: Filter bank Lattice structure Linear phase Perfect reconstruction Free parameter Initialization a b s t r a c t Since the optimization of the free parameters in the lattice structure of linear phase perfect reconstruction filter bank (LPPRFB) is commonly highly nonlinear, the initializa-tion of the free parameters is important before starting the(More)
—Constructing the starting block is the core of designing an arbitrary-length linear phase paraunitary filter bank (ALLPPUFB), and lattice structure is an efficient approach of ALLPPUFB design. This brief proposes a new ALLPPUFB starting block design by combining two polyphase matrices of constrained-length linear phase paraunitary filter bank. The proposed(More)