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Mammography is the most effective procedure for the early detection of breast cancer. In this paper, we develop a novel algorithm to detect suspicious lesions in mammograms. The algorithm utilizes the combination of adaptive global thresholding segmentation and adaptive local thresholding segmentation on a multiresolution representation of the original(More)
The ensemble classifier plays a critical role in protein fold recognition. In this article, a novel hierarchical ensemble classifier named GAOEC (Genetic-Algorithm Optimized Ensemble Classifier) is presented and it can be constructed in the following steps. First, a novel optimized classifier named GAET-KNN (Genetic-Algorithm Evidence-Theoretic K Nearest(More)
In computer science and information theory, image compression is the process of encoding information using fewer bits than the original representation would use. Compression is useful because it helps reduce the consumption of expensive resources, such as hard disk space or transmission bandwidth. Image compression may be lossless or lossey. Lossless image(More)
The construction and properties of interval minimum-energy wavelet frame are systematically studied in this paper. They are as follows: 1) give the definition of interval minimum-energy wavelet frame; 2) give the necessary and sufficient conditions for the minimum-energy frames for L 2[0,1]; 3) present the construction algorithm for minimum-energy wavelet(More)
Chaotic time series prediction is a very important problem in many applications. A number of nonlinear techniques, such as neural networks (NN), wavelets, etc., have been applied to the time series prediction problem with varying degrees of success. The novel idea in this paper is to use principal components analysis (PCA) in conjunction with a novel(More)
The construction and properties of interval multi-wavelets based on symmetric/anti-symmetric orthogonal multi-wavelets onL 2(R) with arbitrary supports and multiplicity 2 are introduced. The main contributions include that (1) we study the construction of general orthogonal interval multi-wavelets which preserve the polynomial-reproduction order, and obtain(More)
Multidimensional linear phase perfect reconstruction filter bank (MDLPPRFB) can be designed and implemented via lattice structure. The lattice structure for the MDLPPRFB with filter support N(MΞ) has been published by Muramatsu , where M is the decimation matrix, Ξ is a positive integer diagonal matrix, and N(N) denotes the set of integer(More)
Since the optimization of the free parameters in the lattice structure of linear phase perfect reconstruction filter bank (LPPRFB) is commonly highly nonlinear, the initialization of the free parameters is important before starting the optimization. We systematically study the initialization of the free parameters, following the way that initializes the(More)
BACKGROUND Horizontal gene transfer (HGT) is one of the major mechanisms contributing to microbial genome diversification. A number of computational methods for finding horizontally transferred genes have been proposed in the past decades; however none of them has provided a reliable detector yet. In existing parametric approaches, only one single(More)