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High energy-density lithium-ion batteries are in demand for portable electronic devices and electrical vehicles. Since the energy density of the batteries relies heavily on the cathode material used, major research efforts have been made to develop alternative cathode materials with a higher degree of lithium utilization and specific energy density. In(More)
Nanostructured WO(3) has been developed as a promising water-splitting material due to its ability of capturing parts of the visible light and high stability in aqueous solutions under acidic conditions. In this review, the fabrication, photocatalytic performance and operating principles of photoelectrochemical cells (PECs) for water splitting based on(More)
The lack of high-efficient, low-cost, and durable bifunctional electrocatalysts that act simultaneously for the oxygen reduction reaction (ORR) and the oxygen evolution reaction (OER) is currently one of the major obstacles to commercializing the electrical rechargeability of zinc-air batteries. A nanocomposite CoO-NiO-NiCo bifunctional electrocatalyst(More)
© 2015 WILEY-VCH Verlag GmbH & Co. KGaA, Weinheim 5799 wileyonlinelibrary.com issues associated with energy security and environmental pollution. [ 1–5 ] Oxygen reduction reaction (ORR), oxygen evolution reaction (OER), and hydrogen evolution reaction (HER) are the most crucial electrochemical reactions to realize energy storage and conversion in these(More)
Oxygen electrocatalysis, namely of the oxygen reduction reaction (ORR) and the oxygen evolution reaction (OER), governs the performance of numerous electrochemical energy systems such as reversible fuel cells, metal-air batteries, and water electrolyzers. However, the sluggish kinetics of these two reactions and their dependency on expensive noble metal(More)
We propose a new unsupervised learning model, hidden softmax sequence model (HSSM), based on Boltzmann machine for dialogue structure analysis. The model employs three types of units in the hidden layer to discovery dialogue latent structures: softmax units which represent latent states of utterances; binary units which represent latent topics specified by(More)
0.1016/j.nanoen.2 lsevier Ltd. All rig thors. uthor. : xien@unist.ac.kr Abstract Development of efficient bifunctional electrocatalysts from earth abundant elements, simultaneously active for oxygen reduction reaction (ORR) and oxygen evolution reaction (OER), remains to be a grand challenge for electrocatalysis. Herein we firstly synthesized a new type of(More)
Phototransistors based on organic photoactive materials combine tunable light absorption in the spectral region from ultraviolet to near-infrared with low-temperature processability over large areas on flexible substrates. However, they often exhibit low photoresponsivity because of low molar extinction coefficient of photoactive components. We report a(More)
The reaction of nitric oxide with oxy-myoglobin (oxyMb) to form ferric myoglobin (metMb) and nitrate, and the metMb-catalyzed isomerization of peroxynitrite to nitrate, have long been assumed to proceed via the same iron-bound peroxynitrite intermediate (metMb(OONO)). More recent research showed that the metMb-catalyzed isomerization of peroxynitrite to(More)