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Abstract: It is difficult for the existing anomaly detection methods to distinguish the burst of normal traffic from the anomalous traffic in a large-scale web site. This paper extends the current Hidden semi-Markov Model (HsMM) that is used for single sequence of observations to the HsMM with multiple sequences of observations, and proposes a detection(More)
As a new type of data processing tool, data mining technology plays an important role in dealing with massive data, transforming data into valuable information, assisting enterprises in effective CRM decision-making and other aspects. On the basis of detailed analysis of the existing CRM structure, a new design scheme of customer relationship management(More)
There are many challenges of data sharing both in grid environment and traditional data integration domains, such as sharing between heterogeneous, distributed data sources. In grid environment, there are many specific features: limited data sharing, frequently changing data sources and large amounts of concurrent users. Under these conditions, it is(More)
Target localization and tracking have been an important fundamental technology in wireless sensor networks. Distance irrelevant localization algorithm is one of the most popular methods in target localization application. This kind of algorithm mostly locates a target by getting the target's approximate area and calculating its centroid. Because of the(More)
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