Xie Xie

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Keywords: Crane scheduling Batch annealing process Strongly NP-hard Heuristics Absolute performance analysis This paper studies a single crane scheduling problem motivated by batch annealing process in the iron and steel industry. Each coil stack placed on fixed base needs to go through two-stage processing: heating and cooling. During each stage, limited(More)
The early genes are a key group of ecdysone targets that function at the top of the signaling hierarchy. In the presence of ecdysone, early genes exhibit a highly characteristic rapid and powerful induction that represents a primary response. Multiple isoforms encoded by early genes then coordinate the activation of a larger group of late genes. While the(More)
RNase Z(L) is a highly conserved tRNA 3'-end processing endoribonuclease. Similar to its mammalian counterpart, Drosophila RNase Z(L) (dRNaseZ) has a mitochondria targeting signal (MTS) flanked by two methionines at the N-terminus. Alternative translation initiation yields two protein forms: the long one is mitochondrial, and the short one may localize in(More)