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The decision tree algorithm is a hot point in the field of data mining, which is usually used to form classifiers and prediction models. In practice, it has a wide application. This paper describes the decision tree technology and its development process, focuses on typical decision tree algorithms, analyzes their advantages and disadvantages, compares(More)
as the classical algorithm of the decision tree classification algorithm, ID3 is famous for the merits of high classifying speed easy, strong learning ability and easy construction. But when use it to classify, there does exist the problem of inclining to chose attributions which has many values, which affects its practicality. This paper for solving the(More)
This paper presents three criteria, food quantity safety, food quality safety and sustainability of food safety, which organizing the Synthetical Evaluation Index System of Food Security. The combination analytic hierarchy process with the grey system theory establishes a scientific and perfect calculation model of food evaluation indicators security(More)
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