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3-D modeling softwares are widely used in many engineering field such as mining machinery, aerospace, transportation and petrochemical. Bolt is a common part for engineering, but for some bolts it is still tedious to build the 3D models. To build the accurate 3D model of bolt is significant for finite element analysis and digital simulation. For this reason(More)
Mechanical structures are widely used in engineering practice and usually they are bearing multiple independent random load applications and the performance analysis of them is difficult. In this paper, an intelligent method is introduced to analyze the performance of complex structure with multiple random load applications. First several load effect(More)
The generating function approach is an important tool for performance assessment in multi-state systems. Aiming at strength reliability analysis of structural systems, generating function approach is introduced and developed. Static reliability models of statically determinate, indeterminate systems and fatigue reliability models are built by constructing(More)
Keys are widely used mechanical parts; In fact, there are many kind of keys. To design and draw a key, it is miscellaneous to lookup correlation handbook, and under other condition it is necessary to build a accurate model for purposes such as finite element analysis and structure response analysis etc. Nowadays 3-D modeling softwares are widely used in(More)
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