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In the paper, the sensitivity of Penicillium notatum to surfactin and iturin was determined, and the optimization of the antifungal of surfactin and iturin to Penicillium notatum in syrup of peach by a response surface methodology (RSM) was researched. Results demonstrated that Penicillium notatum was sensitive to them, whose minimal inhibitory(More)
A combination forecasting model of urban ring road traffic flow based on neural network, Kalman filter and ARIMA model is proposed in this paper, and the traffic flow data of Beijing third-ring-road (BTRR) are explored to test the validity of the model. The experimental results show that combination forecasting cannot improve the forecasting precision in(More)
Treatise on Superfluous Things by Wen Zhenheng has been viewed as the masterpiece concerning the 12 necessary aspects of literati life in late Ming dynasty. Based on Treatise on Superfluous Things, this research aims to explore the conception of suitability-oriented design. According to the methodology of design and art, the paper profoundly analyzes the(More)
Only 4 infants with primary paratesticular neuroblastoma have been previously described. To the author's knowledge, this case would be the first report of a child who is older than 1 year whose lesion is in his right hemiscrotum. After simple tumorectomy was performed; he was tumor free at 4 years of follow-up. Patients older than 1 year with localized(More)
BACKGROUND High-altitude environments are known to result in a broad range of physiological changes in human body, which may influence various pharmacological processes and pharmacokinetics. A series of physiological systems reacting to a high-altitude stressor and the effects of these physiological alterations on pharmacokinetics have been investigated for(More)
A series of pathological, physiological, and biochemical changes, even anatomical histological changes happen while humans arrive at the high plateau region from plain area. There is a certain relationship between the body’s compensatory or decompensated adjustments to the environment and the changes of absorption, distribution, metabolism, and excretion of(More)
Cefotaxime enantiomers have specific effects on Gram-negative bacteria. For quality control of cefotaxime it was necessary to establish a method for enantioseparation by capillary zone electrophoresis (CZE) using cyclodextrin (CD) as a chiral selector. The effects of various parameters on enantioseparation were studied. A fused silica capillary (40 cm(More)
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