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Comparison of base substitutions in response to nitrogen ion implantation and 60Co-gamma ray irradiation in Escherichia coli
To identify the specificity of base substitutions, a novel experimental system was established based on rifampicin-resistant (Rifr) mutant screening and sequencing of the defined region of the rpoBExpand
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A Rapid and High Efficient Method to Construct Plant Expression Vectors
The plant expression vector is the vehicle that takes target gene into and then expresses the target gene in the host cells.Therefore,expression vector construction is one of the key steps ofExpand
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Analysis of Genetic Diversity Among 90 Waxy Corn Landraces Using Fluorescent SSR Markers
Genetic diversity and genetic variation among 90 waxy corn landraces from 7 provinces of China and 6 common tester lines were analyzed with 31 fluorescent SSR loci across the maize genome by using aExpand
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Establishment of Fluorescent SSR Techni que on Detecting Allelic Frequency in Maize (Zea mays L.) Populations with Bulk Sampling Strategy
Objective) The objective was to establish the detecting method on allele frequencies in bulk samples. (Method) The abundance of the PCR products in bulk samples were used to represent the frequenciesExpand
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Preliminary Studies on Base Substitutions and Repair of DNA Mismatch Damage Stimulated by Low Energy N + Ion Beam Implantation in Escherichia coli
Ever since the low energy N+ ion beam has been accepted that the mutation effects of ionizing radiation are attributed mainly to direct or indirect damage to DNA. Evidences based on naked DNAExpand
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Advancement of Maize Germplasm Improvement and Relevant Research
Scarcity of available germplasm with good quality,stress tolerance,higher combining ability and mega-environment adaptation has been being the bottle-neck in commercial maize breeding program sinceExpand
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Development of SCAR Markers for Sugarcane Mosaic Virus Resistance in Maize
【Objective】 Maize dwarf mosaic disease caused by sugarcane mosaic virus (SCMV) is one of the important virus diseases in China and European countries. Marker development and markers-assistedExpand
Technology Development and Strategy in Maize Breeding
With the sharper than ever conflict between economic and social development and the environment stress,and with the rapid development of modern maize industry,maize breeding program are meeted theExpand