Xidong Zhang

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In this paper, we detail the design of a hypertension monitoring system via telecommunication and computer technologies and propose a method for theoretically analyzing its system accuracy. In the design of our system, we add a novel decision support unit, building on a diagnosis standard in medicine, into our monitoring system. The architecture of our(More)
Recent advances of hardware and integrated chip have made the body-implanted medical device reality. In this paper, a chronic disease management system with implanted devices based on Wireless Sensor Networks (WSN) was proposed for people with chronic illnesses. We first described the architecture of the chronic disease management system. Then through(More)
In this paper we proposed a novel cochannel interference avoidance strategy for outdoor remote medical monitor network. We employ simulated annealing to design the channel allocation algorithm, which is the core of the strategy. We implemented the strategy in the experimental we built at Beijing outer suburb and took a series of experiments to examine the(More)
With the unprecedented aging of population, chronic disease become a serious problem in modern medical area. Recent advances of wireless technology make the health monitoring in home to be more convenient for the chronic disease. Reducing the influence of the interference from the other wireless equipment is one of the most important problems in wireless(More)
Cooperative multi-input-multi-output (MIMO) techniques can be used to increase energy-efficiency in Wireless Sensor Networks because of the importance of energy saving for energy-limited nodes. In this paper, we built a new energy consumption model by adding the intra-body channel which has a tremendous path loss into traditional energy model of the(More)
The paper proposed a security communication solution which was suitable for Ethernet network in order to realize the secure transmission of the cipher texts in exchanging information process of the advanced metering infrastructure. Firstly, Ethernet communication network of advanced metering infrastructure was established based on the characteristics of(More)
To improve the performance of hospital emergency department (ED), we propose a scheduling strategy to reduce the total time of medical tests in ED for a given number of patients. We model the schedulig strategy as a constraint logic programming problem, and then solve this problem with an open source software: Minizinc. Also we compare the medical test time(More)
According to the information security requirements of Advanced Metering Infrastructure communication, combining with the characteristics of elliptic curve cryptography, this paper gives a fusion algorithm based on elliptic curve cryptography. The proposed fusion algorithm constructs a decision function to verify the validity of the cipher text that attacker(More)