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Adaptive actuator failure compensation for parametric-strict-feedback systems is studied under di1erent system structure conditions. Adaptive state feedback control schemes are developed, which ensure asymptotic output tracking and closed-loop signal boundedness. An adaptive control scheme is applied to a twin otter aircraft longitudinal nonlinear dynamics(More)
This paper presentsan adaptive actuator failure compensation method, which compensates for uncertainties due to unknown actuator failures for redundant manipulator systems. The method is first developed for manipulators whose joints are concurrently actuated. While physical realization of concurrently actuated manipulators and the advantages of their use(More)
An aircraft model that incorporates independently adjustable engine throttles and ailerons is employed to develop an adaptive control scheme in the presence of actuator failures. This model captures the key features of aircraft flight dynamics when in the engine differential mode. Based on this model an adaptive feedback control scheme for asymptotic state(More)
The problem of using engine thrust differentials to compensate for rudder and aileron failures in aircraft flight control is addressed in this paper in a new framework. A nonlinear aircraft model that incorporates engine differentials in the dynamic equations is employed and linearized to describe the aircraft’s longitudinal and lateral motion. In this(More)
A new adaptive actuator failure compensation scheme using output feedback is presented in this paper for a enlarged class of nonlinear systems with state-dependent nonlinearities, which are bounded by both linear parameterized static functions and dynamic signals. By introducing the dynamic bounding technique to construct a backstepping control law, the(More)