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– The prevalent trend in software and system engineering is towards component-based design. The distributed object technologies such as OMG's CORBA, Microsoft's COM/DCOM, and Sun Microsys-tem's EJB are slowly moving into the domain of component based software engineering. This paper evaluates these three technologies and puts forward a rationale as to why(More)
– In the last 5 years, J2EE has been widely used in the software system development, so the performance and related dynamic behavior of J2EE applications are more and more important to the software development. However, it is difficult for the software developers to capture, measure, and optimize the performance of J2EE applications without the supports of(More)
The accurate segmentation of milk somatic cells in microscope images may contribute to development of a successful system that automatically analyzes, detects and counts cells in microscope images. We present a method for milk somatic cell Segmentation. Our approach is based on segmentation of subsets of bands using mathematical morphology followed by the(More)
Computer-aided design system, or CAD system, helps users keep from tedious traditional design process with pens, erasers, and scales by providing convenient, interactive, automated design process assisted by computers. However, since most of CAD systems run as stand-alone, there are still some inconveniency and incapability in fields of team designing and(More)
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