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On the reduction of broadcast redundancy in mobile ad hoc networks
  • Wei Peng, Xicheng Lu
  • Computer Science
  • First Annual Workshop on Mobile and Ad Hoc…
  • 20 November 2000
Flooding in mobile ad hoc networks has poor scalability as it leads to serious redundancy, contention and collision. We propose an efficient approach to reduce the broadcast redundancy. In ourExpand
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Kernel-Based Least Squares Policy Iteration for Reinforcement Learning
In this paper, we present a kernel-based least squares policy iteration (KLSPI) algorithm for reinforcement learning (RL) in large or continuous state spaces, which can be used to realize adaptiveExpand
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3D Underwater Sensor Network Localization
We transform the 3D underwater sensor network (USN) localization problem into its 2D counterpart by employing sensor depth information and a simple projection technique. We first prove that aExpand
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FISSIONE: a scalable constant degree and low congestion DHT scheme based on Kautz graphs
The distributed hash table (DHT) scheme has become the core component of many large-scale peer-to-peer networks. Degree, diameter, and congestion are important measures of DHT schemes. Many proposedExpand
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Kernel Least-Squares Temporal Difference Learning
Kernel methods have attracted many research interests recently since by utilizing Mercer kernels, non-linear and non-parametric versions of conventional supervised or unsupervised learning algorithmsExpand
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Using a bioinformatics approach to generate accurate exploit-based signatures for polymorphic worms
In this paper, we propose Simplified Regular Expression (SRE) signature, which uses multiple sequence alignment techniques, drawn from bioinformatics, in a novel approach to generating more accurateExpand
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AHBP: An efficient broadcast protocol for mobile Ad hoc networks
  • Wei Peng, Xicheng Lu
  • Computer Science
  • Journal of Computer Science and Technology
  • 1 March 2001
Broadcast is an important operation in many network protocols. It is utilized to discover routes to unknown nodes in mobile ad hoc networks (MANETs) and is the key factor in scaling on-demand routingExpand
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Time-Synchronization Free Localization in Large Scale Underwater Acoustic Sensor Networks
We introduce and study the localization problem in large scale underwater acoustic sensor networks. Considering that depth information is typically available for underwater sensors, we transform theExpand
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Underwater Localization in Sparse 3D Acoustic Sensor Networks
We study the localization problem in sparse 3D underwater sensor networks. Considering the fact that depth information is typically available for underwater sensors, we transform the 3D underwaterExpand
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Signature Tree Generation for Polymorphic Worms
Network-based signature generation (NSG) has been proposed as a way to automatically and quickly generate accurate signatures for worms, especially polymorphic worms. In this paper, we propose a newExpand
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