Xiayan Wang

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Electroosmotic pumping is receiving increasing attention in recent years owing to the rapid development in micro total analytical systems. Compared with other micropumps, electroosmotic pumps (EOPs) offer a number of advantages such as creation of constant pulse-free flows and elimination of moving parts. The flow rates and pumping pressures of EOPs matches(More)
Gel electrophoresis is commonly used to separate DNA, but narrow capillaries or microchannels desired for high throughput efficient separations are difficult to fill with gels. We report here that a narrow capillary can be used to hydrodynamically separate a wide size range of DNA fragments in a single run without the need for gels, wall coatings, or an(More)
Developing new synthetic methods for carbon supported catalysts with improved performance is of fundamental importance in advancing proton exchange membrane fuel cell (PEMFC) technology. Continuous-flow, microfluidic reactions in capillary tube reactors are described, which are capable of synthesizing surfactant-free, ultrafine PtSn alloyed nanoparticles(More)
Ordered intermetallic nanomaterials are of considerable interest for fuel cell applications because of their unique electronic and structural properties. The synthesis of intermetallic compounds generally requires the use of high temperatures and multiple-step processes. The development of techniques for rapid phase- and size-controlled synthesis remains a(More)
Decreasing the volume of reagent solutions consumed in each assay is an effective means to reduce the overall cost in high-throughput analysis laboratories. Recently, increasing attention has been paid to investigate the behavior of individual cells. If one wishes to transfer solution to or from a single cell, a picoliter pipettor is needed since the entire(More)
Both CIEF and MALDI-MS are frequently used in protein analysis, but hyphenation of the two has not been investigated proportionally. One of the major reasons is that the additives (such as carrier ampholytes and detergent) in CIEF severely suppress the MALDI-MS signal, which hampers the hyphenation of the two. In this paper, we develop a simple means to(More)
Rapid analysis of trace amount of aromatic amines in environmental samples and daily necessities has attracted considerable attentions because some of them are strongly toxic and carcinogenic. In this study, fast and efficient electrophoretic separation and sensitive determination of 5 banned aromatic amines were explored for practical analysis using(More)
A picoflow high performance liquid chromatography (pico-HPLC) system was developed, which could directly pipette femtoliter samples using a separation column tip driven by an electroosmotic pump. Amino acid enantiomers were separated in the 900 nm I.D. porous layer open tubular column at a flow rate of 13.50 pL min-1.
Micro-channels that contain a special inner structure are critical for efficient mixing and chemical reactions. In this paper, we described the facile fabrication of an integrated microchip with double-helix type micro-channels to improve mixing efficiency and to facilitate multi-step derivatization reactions prior to electrophoretic separation. With a(More)