Xiaozhou Zhou

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Since proposed by Piekarski and Munro in 1977, load-induced fluid flow through the bone lacunar-canalicular system (LCS) has been accepted as critical for bone metabolism, mechanotransduction, and adaptation. However, direct unequivocal observation and quantification of load-induced fluid and solute convection through the LCS have been lacking due to(More)
To define the roles of endothelial-intrinsic nuclear factor kappaB (NF-kappaB) activity in host defense and multiple organ injury in response to sepsis, we generated double transgenic (TG) mice (EC-rtTA/I-kappaB alpha mt) that conditionally overexpress a degradation-resistant form of the NF-kappaB inhibitor I-kappaB alpha (I-kappaB alpha mt) selectively on(More)
DNA repair is a primary defense mechanism against damage caused by exogenous and endogenous sources. We examined the associations between bladder cancer and 7 polymorphisms from 5 genes involved in the maintenance of genetic stability (MMR: MLH1-93G>A; BER: XRCC1--77T>C and Arg399Gln; NER:XPC Lys939Gln and PAT +/-; DSBR:ATM G5557A and XRCC7 G6721T) in 302(More)
Originating from information theory, mutual information, as a measure for image registration, has drawn much attention and has been shown to be successful. Mutual information should be maximal when the two different images are perfectly aligned. There exist many optimization schemes applied to mutual information matching problems, most of which are local(More)
Colors images produced by current sensors are affected by many environmental factors resulting in the fact that even for the same illumination conditions, corresponding pixels in stereo pairs cannot be guaranteed to have the same color. In many cases, color based stereo matching is not a good choice to compute a good disparity maps. In this paper, we(More)
In this paper, we introduce a novel eye contact correction method for videoconference systems with wide baseline. In this system, assistant cameras are installed on each side of the monitor to help capture the views from left side and right side. A pattern with random dots and Radial Basis Function (RBF) interpolation are used to help create precise(More)
Proanthocyanidins in Chinese bayberry leaves (PCBLs) were qualitatively analyzed. NMR data suggest that PCBLs are mostly composed of (epi)gallocatechin gallate units. Matrix-assisted laser desorption time-of-flight MS data indicate 95 possible prodelphinidin structures, ranging from dimers to tridecamers. Preparative normal-phase HPLC and further analysis(More)
Nowadays, most 3D mesh model protections are based on embedding watermarking system. These methods have to change the original mesh data to achieve the watermarking. Considering the sensitivity and complexity of 3D mesh data, this paper proposes a disturbing free 'zero-watermarking' algorithm, which is based on octree partition. For each octant, we employ(More)
A Chinese Herbal Formula (CHF) has acquired a certain therapeutic effect on chronic HBV infection. To assess the efficacy and safety of CHF on HBV replication in chronic HBV carriers, we performed a randomized, double-blind, and placebo-controlled trial involving patients from 16 centers. A total of 300 confirmed chronic HBV carriers were randomized at(More)
In this paper, we propose a novel framework to solve the image matting problem. We design a temporary image based on the estimated foreground and background colors for unknown pixels as well as an initial matte. The similarity of the temporary image and original image is modeled as an energy function in the Markov Random Field (MRF). The global optimized(More)