Xiaozhou Wen

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UNLABELLED ETHNOPHARMACOLOGICAL REVELANCE: Pulsatilla chinensis (Bunge)Regel has been used as adjuvant in chemotherapy in traditional Chinese medicine. 23-Hydroxybetulinic acid, an isolated pentacyclic triterpene, is the major active constituent of Pulsatilla chinensis (Bunge) Regel. AIM OF THIS STUDY To evaluate the combinational anticancer effect of(More)
Our previous studies revealed that berberine-mediated GLP-1 secretion was a possible mechanism for berberine exerting good effects on hyperglycemia. This study was designed to ascertain whether berberine-induced secretion of GLP-1 was related with activation of bitter taste receptors expressed in gastrointestinal tract. Western blotting results showed that(More)
BACKGROUND Taxus chinensis (Pilger) Rehd is widely distributed in China and the northern hemisphere, and the most popular medicinal component isolated from Taxus chinensis is paclitaxel (PTX), which has now become the first-line chemotherapeutic drug for breast cancer and ovarian cancer. Oral administration of pure PTX as a potential anti-cancer agent is(More)
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