Xiaozhong Zhang

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Inhomogeneity-induced magnetoresistance (IMR) reported in some non-magnetic semiconductors, particularly silicon, has generated considerable interest owing to the large magnitude of the effect and its linear field dependence (albeit at high magnetic fields). Various theories implicate spatial variation of the carrier mobility as being responsible for IMR.(More)
Well-aligned small-diameter ZnO nanowire arrays have been synthesized on Si wafers pre-coated with c-oriented ZnO thin films by a catalyst-free thermal evaporation method. The morphology of the products has been found to be greatly affected by the oxygen flow rate. The self-catalyzed VLS mechanism is proposed to interpret the growth of the ZnO nanowires and(More)
Intrinsic spatial inhomogeneity or phase separation in cuprates, manganites, etc., related to electronic and/or magnetic properties, has attracted much attention due to its significance in fundamental physics and applications. Here we use scanning Kerr microscopy and scanning electron microscopy with polarization analysis with in situ electric fields to(More)
Sb-doped ZnO nanowires with kinking structures have been synthesized by a catalyst-free thermal evaporation method with the addition of Sb(2)O(3). Transmission electron microscopy (TEM) observations revealed that the kinks of the nanowires are induced by twinning structures. [0111], [0113] twins and heavy stacking faults in the (0001) plane were observed in(More)
We present systematic studies of polycrystalline La12xSrxMnO3 where x is varied from 0.46 to 0.53 at 0.01 intervals. We have measured the magnetic resonance, ac susceptibility, dc magnetization, x-ray diffraction, four-probe resistivity, and optical reflectivity. The data seem to indicate that, at low T, the materials are intimate mixtures of ferromagnetic(More)
Strain-mediated ferromagnetic/ferroelectric (FE) heterostructures have played an important role in multiferroic materials to investigate the electric-field control of magnetism in the past decade, due to their excellent performances, such as room-temperature operation and large magnetoelectric (ME) coupling effect. Because of the different(More)
The anomalous Hall effect of a magnetic material is coupled to the nonlinear transport effect of a semiconductor material in a simple structure to achieve a large geometric magnetoresistance (MR) based on a diode-assisted mechanism. An extremely large MR (>10(4) %) at low magnetic fields (1 mT) is observed at room temperature. This MR device shows potential(More)
The decay of spin polarization poses serious problems for spintronic devices. It will be greatly helped by the availability of spintronic materials with a long spin diffusion length. Carbon has small spin-orbital interaction and longer coherent length. This makes carbon suitable material for exploitation in the spintronic materials and devices. A great deal(More)
Quantum magnetic phase transition in square-octagon lattice was investigated by cellular dynamical mean field theory combining with continuous time quantum Monte Carlo algorithm. Based on the systematic calculation on the density of states, the double occupancy and the Fermi surface evolution of square-octagon lattice, we presented the phase diagrams of(More)
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