Xiaozhong Xue

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In order to solve the problem that the precision and stability of Doppler radar/Fiber Optical Gyroscope Strapdown Inertial Naivgation System (FOG-SINS)/Barometer Integrated Navigation System (DFBINS) for helicopters will be highly affected if there are outliers in doppler radar, especially consecutive outliers appear, a useful method to eliminate these(More)
Though fiber optic gyroscope strapdown inertial navigation system (FOG-SINS)/Doppler radar/ Baro-altimeter integrated navigation system has been done some research in theory, the appropriate study of practice has not been done yet in China and there are still many problems need to be solved. This paper gives a new design of a low cost FOG-SINS/Doppler radar(More)
The tightly coupled GPS/SINS integrated navigation system is studied in this paper. In order to meet the requirement of precision and stability, a nonlinear error model of SINS based on additive quaternion is established and a kind of SRUKF(Square-Root Unscented Kalman Filter) algorithm is designed. Compared whith EKF, The SRUKF not only improves the(More)
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