Xiaozhen Xue

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The effectiveness of coverage-based fault localizations in the presence of multiple faults has been a major concern for the software testing research community. A commonly held belief is that the fault localization techniques based on coverage statistics are less effective in the presence of multiple faults and their performance are deteriorated. The fault(More)
—Although empirical studies have demonstrated the usefulness of statistical fault localizations based on code coverage, the effectiveness of these techniques may be degraded due to presence of some undesired circumstances such as the existence of coincidental correctness where one or more passing test cases exercise a faulty statement and thus causing some(More)
Faults need to be identified, localized, and removed from programs. Empirical studies show that coverage-based faults localizations effectively target bugs, even in the presence of multiple faults. Debugging is a time-consuming activity and thus it is beneficial to accelerate the process by employing appropriate techniques. The need for speeding up the(More)