Xiaozhen Ren

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Tomography SAR is the extension of the conventional InSAR, which adds multiple baselines in the direction perpendicular to azimuth and to the line-of-sight, and forms an additional synthetic aperture in elevation direction, so it has resolving capability along this dimension [1-3]. A simple FFT based 3-D imaging method proposed by Dr. Reigber in [1] for(More)
It is necessary to detect the target reflections in ground penetrating radar (GPR) images, so that surface metal targets can be identified successfully. In order to accurately locate buried metal objects, a novel method called the Multiresolution Monogenic Signal Analysis (MMSA) system is applied in ground penetrating radar (GPR) images. This process(More)
The height imaging quality of tomography synthetic aperture radar obtained by the classic Fourier transform method is limited by the resolution and sidelobe problems. The spatial spectrum estimation methods can obtain lower sidelobe and narrower spectrum, and can obtain higher resolution in height direction with small number of baseline. In this paper, the(More)
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