Xiaozhen Ren

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Tomography SAR is the extension of the conventional InSAR, which adds multiple baselines in the direction perpendicular to azimuth and to the line-of-sight, and forms an additional synthetic aperture in elevation direction, so it has resolving capability along this dimension [1-3]. A simple FFT based 3-D imaging method proposed by Dr. Reigber in [1] for(More)
We propose a computational scheme for the ab initio calculation of Wannier functions ͑WFs͒ for correlated electronic materials. The full-orbital Hamiltonian H ˆ is projected into the WF subspace defined by the physically most relevant partially filled bands. The Hamiltonian H ˆ WF obtained in this way, with interaction parameters calculated by constrained(More)
The electronic spectrum, energy gap and local magnetic moment of paramagnetic NiO are computed using the local density approximation plus dynamical mean-field theory ͑LDA ϩ DMFT͒. To this end the noninter-acting Hamiltonian obtained within the LDA is expressed in Wannier function basis, with only the five antibonding bands with mainly Ni 3d character taken(More)
It is necessary to detect the target reflections in ground penetrating radar (GPR) images, so that surface metal targets can be identified successfully. In order to accurately locate buried metal objects, a novel method called the Multiresolution Monogenic Signal Analysis (MMSA) system is applied in ground penetrating radar (GPR) images. This process(More)
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