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Systemic acquired resistance (SAR) is an important component of disease-resistance arsenal of plants, and is associated with enhanced potency of activating local and systemic defense-related responses upon pathogen attack. In this report, we demonstrated that pre-treatment with beta-aminobutyric acid (BABA), a new elicitor of SAR in the plants, enhanced(More)
Lu Rong, velvet antler (VA), is a traditional Chinese medicine, which is used as a food supplement and therapeutic drug in China, Japan, Russia, New Zealand and Southeast Asia. The regenerative characteristics of VA have resulted in great research interest, particularly regarding the fields of organ grafting and stem cell differentiation. Various VA(More)
Of the plethora of studies that discuss requirements for successful irrigation management, few pay close attention to what actually happens when the supply of water becomes extremely low. Such an oversight in the literature is unfortunate, because this is precisely when management matters. To understand what separates success from failure in irrigation(More)
Using advantages of priori Bayesian method, a reliability verification test method based on Hybrid Bayesian Prior Distribution was brought forward. The prior distribution of unknown parameters can be obtained by using conjugate prior distribution method. Prior moment method and Maximum entropy method were used respectively to calculate two different groups(More)
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