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Interaction design based on the model is an important way to human computer interaction system development. This paper uses UML class diagram to compare several design model of human-computer interaction, and analyses their main characteristics. Then it proposes the R-GOMS model and defines it specifically. On this basis, it uses R-GOMS model designing the(More)
(Eric McCoy) Although Goodwill Mission appears to be in the development phase, we H[DPLQHGWKHZHEVLWH ¶V existing features and thought of some innovative ways to improve them. We first analyzed the main page as it is the most complete part of the website. We focused on the perceptual elements of the main page to determine their effectiveness at drawing(More)
The architecture of smart home management system and key devices are studied according to the specifications on smart home gateway, socket and terminal issued by State power grid corp. in Nov. 30th, 2011, and smart home gateway, smart jack and smart terminal software are developed. Several communication technologies are used, including Zigbee, used to(More)
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