Xiaoyue Pan

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We develop an analytical modeling framework for efficient prediction of cache miss ratios based on reuse distance distributions. The only input needed for our predictions is the reuse distance distribution of a program execution: previous work has shown that they can be obtained with very small overhead by sampling from native executions. This should be(More)
While maintaining the coherency of private caches, invalidation-based cache coherence protocols introduce cache coherence misses. We address the problem of predicting the number of cache coherence misses in the private cache of a parallel application when running on a multicore system with an invalidation-based cache coherence protocol. We propose three new(More)
The microbial fuel cell (MFC) was evaluated as an alternative way to recover electricity from canteen based food waste. Characteristics of the organics in food waste before and after the MFC treatment were analyzed to investigate how the organic matters were biodegraded and transformed during the MFC treatment. A maximum power density of 5.6W/m(3) and an(More)
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