Xiaoyue Hou

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As the most important group in the flavor profiles of Chinese liquor, ester aroma chemicals are responsible for the highly desired fruity odors. Alcohol acetyltransferase (AATase), which is mainly encoded by ATF1, is one of the most important enzymes for acetate ester synthesis in Saccharomyces cerevisiae. In this study, we overexpressed ATF1 in Chinese(More)
The TD-LTE system is envisaged to adopt dynamic time division duplexing (TDD) transmissions for small cells to adapt their communication service to the fast variation of downlink (DL) and uplink (UL) traffic demands. However, different DL/UL directions for the same subframe in adjacent cells will result in new destructive interference components, i.e.,(More)
This paper proposes a novel received signal strength indicator (RSSI)-based self-adaptive indoor positioning algorithm which can be utilized in non-line-of-sight (LOS) environments through the employment of a weighted feedback framework. This algorithm is composed of the following parts: optimized RSSI algorithm, offset-triangulation algorithm and weighted(More)
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