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Fair multi-party exchange protocol is one of the foundation electronic commerce, but at present, the study of multi-party fair exchange protocol is very weak. Aiming at solving this problem, we present a secure and efficient ID-based fair multi-party exchange protocol with off-line semi-trusted third party. Application of multi-receiver identity-based(More)
OBJECTIVE The association of spleen system including both spleen and stomach with earth, one of the five elements, is a part of the theory of five elements. Practitioners of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) used the theory as a reasoning tool to illustrate the Zang-Fu organs' physiological functions and the interaction among them. The exploration of how(More)
This paper designs and implements a WCDMA (Wideband Code Division Multiple Access) network mobile terminal positioning system. In this system, we use a device to call the target initiatively so as to tempt it to establish a link with the base station, but every call stops before the target perception. The system captures relevant parameters in link(More)
In this paper, we work on the topological properties such as the connectivity of regions, the boundaries and the adjacency for 2-D grayscale images. We present some original ideas for applying topology methods onto the graylevel image transformation which we call it pansystem topology. We use a Pansystem Parental model to develop an algorithm for grayscale(More)