Xiaoyuan He

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A method for automatic phase extraction from a single fringe pattern based on the guidance of an extreme map is introduced. The method uses an adaptive weighted filter to reduce noise and enhance contrast and to locate the fringe extremes. Wrapped phase values are calculated by use of an arccosine function obtained from the extreme map. With this method,(More)
We present a new approach for online incremental word acquisition and grammar learning by humanoid robots. Using no data set provided in advance, the proposed system grounds language in a physical context, as mediated by its perceptual capacities. It is carried out using show-and-tell procedures, interacting with its human partner. Moreover, this procedure(More)
In this paper, an extrinsic calibration method for a non-overlapping camera network is presented based on close-range photogrammetry. The method does not require calibration targets or the cameras to be moved. The visual sensors are relatively motionless and do not see the same area at the same time. The proposed method combines the multiple cameras using(More)
A new two-step phase-shifting fringe projection profilometry is proposed. The slowly variable background intensity of fringe patterns is removed by the use of an intensity differential algorithm. The high-resolution differential algorithm is achieved based on global interpolation of fringe gray level on a subpixel scale. Compared with the traditional three-(More)
A simple but effective fringe projection profilometry is proposed to measure 3D shape by using one snapshot color sinusoidal fringe pattern. One color fringe pattern encoded with a sinusoidal fringe (as red component) and one uniform intensity pattern (as blue component) is projected by a digital video projector, and the deformed fringe pattern is recorded(More)
To destroy a country's physical electric power infrastructure by attacking its control system through cyber means, has become an important way to weaken a country's war power. Along with the construction of next generation smart grid, development of the internet of things and appearance of system of systems(henceforth, SOS) warfare based on information(More)
OBJECTIVE To investigate the effects of upper limbs' encircling motion (ULEM) apparatus on motor function of patients with stroke. STUDY DESIGN This study adopted a single-blind, prospective, randomized control design. From July 2003 to September 2005, 44 inpatients suffering from stroke in Jiangsu Province Hospital were enrolled in this study. All the(More)
MicroRNAs (miRNAs) are a new class of gene expression regulators that have been implicated in tumorigenesis and modulation of the responses to cancer treatment including that of human non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC). However, the role of miR-34a in ionizing radiation (IR)-induced senescence in NSCLC cells remains poorly understood. Here we report that(More)
Digital shearography based on Michelson interferometers suffers from the disadvantage of a small angle of view due to the structure. We demonstrate a novel digital shearography system with a large angle of view. In the optical arrangement, the imaging lens is in front of the Michelson interferometer rather than behind it as in traditional digital(More)