Xiaoyuan Chang

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Abstract. In this paper, we investigated the dynamics of a diffusive delayed predator-prey system with Holling type II functional response and nozero constant prey harvesting on no-flux boundary condition. At first, we obtain the existence and the stability of the equilibria by analyzing the distribution of the roots of associated characteristic equation.(More)
A diffusive predator-prey model with Holling type II functional response and the no-flux boundary condition incorporating a constant prey refuge is considered. Globally asymptotically stability of the positive equilibrium is obtained. Regarding the constant number of prey refuge m as a bifurcation parameter, by analyzing the distribution of the eigenvalues,(More)
A novel inorganic coating material, based on alkaline silicates, has been subjected to initial testing for evaluating the ability to provide corrosion protection for reinforcing steel in chloridecontaminated concrete. Reinforced concrete specimens were prepared with coated bars and exposed to simulated marine bridge substructure conditions. Measurements of(More)
A coupled system of ordinary differential equations and partial differential equations is proposed to describe the interaction of pelagic algae, benthic algae and one essential nutrient in an oligotrophic shallow aquatic ecosystem with ample supply of light. The existence and uniqueness of non-negative steady states are completely determined for all(More)
A newly isolated anti-Streptococcus suis bacteriocin-producing strain LPL1-5 was obtained from healthy unweaned piglets' fecal matter, and was designated as Lactobacillus pentosus LPL1-5 based on morphology, biochemical properties, and 16S rDNA sequencing analysis. The medium composition for enhanced bacteriocin production by L. pentosus LPL1-5 was(More)
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