Xiaoyu Jiang

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Mapping mean axon diameter and intra-axonal volume fraction may have significant clinical potential because nerve conduction velocity is directly dependent on axon diameter, and several neurodegenerative diseases affect axons of specific sizes and alter axon counts. Diffusion-weighted MRI methods based on the pulsed gradient spin echo (PGSE) sequence have(More)
The study of gene function is critical in various genomic and proteomic fields. Due to the availability of tremendous amounts of different types of protein data, integrating these datasets to predict function has become a significant opportunity in computational biology. In this paper, to predict protein function we (i) develop a novel Bayesian framework(More)
Sodium-ion batteries are now considered as a low-cost alternative to lithium-ion technologies for large-scale energy storage applications; however, their safety is still a matter of great concern for practical applications. In this paper, a safer sodium-ion battery is proposed by introducing a nonflammable phosphate electrolyte (trimethyl phosphate, TMP)(More)
The task of reliable detection and tracking of multiple objects is a challenging problem. In this paper, we introduce an online multi-object tracking approach based on Kalman filter framework. Moving objects are extracted relying on frame difference and labeled by an adaptive labeling method. Each object is assigned an independent Kalman filter to predict(More)
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