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This paper is intended to contribute to the ongoing discussion of selected concepts related to the topic of technical risk or uncertainty in the model-based design of physical artifacts. The paper focuses on the use of analytic models and numerical simulation in the multidisciplinary design optimization process. It considers how issues of physical process(More)
In this research a Collaborative Optimization (CO) approach for multidisciplinary systems design is used to develop a decision based design framework for non-deterministic optimization. To date CO strategies have been developed for use in application to deterministic systems design problems. In this research the decision based design (DBD) framework(More)
While simulation based design tools continue to be advanced at unprecedented rates, little attention has been paid to how these tools interact with other advanced design tools and how that interaction influences the multidisciplinary system analysis and design processes. In this research an investigation of how uncertainty propagates through a(More)
BACKGROUND A blockade of CD44 is considered a therapeutic option for the elimination of leukemia initiating cells. However, anti-panCD44 can interfere with hematopoiesis. Therefore we explored, whether a CD44 variant isoform (CD44v)-specific antibody can inhibit leukemia growth without attacking hematopoiesis. As a model we used CD44v10 transfected EL4(More)
In previous work we have developed and implemented a mathematical construct referred to as " Implicit Uncertainty Propagation (IUP) " for estimating uncertainties within the bilevel optimization framework of collaborative optimization (CO). The implicit uncertainty estimates were used to develop a robust collaborative optimization framework, which is(More)
This paper proposes a new non-fragile fault tolerant guaranteed cost controller design method for a class of Takagi-Sugeno (T-S) fuzzy uncertain systems with state-delay. Two sufficient conditions for the asymptotic stability of the closed-loop fuzzy system in actuator failure have been derived under the condition that the controller uncertainties are(More)
Retrieving the location of a mobile device by matching a query image to a database of geo-tagged imagery is one popular application of content-based image retrieval (CBIR). Standard CBIR-based approaches exploit appearance features of the environment for the matching process. Many locations, however, are characterized by distinct structural (geometric)(More)
BACKGROUND Combretastatin A4 (CA4) is a potential therapeutic candidate for a variety of human cancer treatments. However, the inhibitive effects of CA4 on thyroid cancer cells are still not well-clarified. This study aimed to investigate the potential effect of CA4 on thyroid cancer cells, as well as underlying mechanism. MATERIAL AND METHODS Human thyroid(More)
— According to a Cisco study, mobile video already makes up 50% of mobile data traffic and is expected to reach 66% in 2015. Nowadays, the video watching experience is being made more interactive to enhance the user experience. One way that users can enjoy better watching experience is to be able to switch between different perspectives in one video. Such(More)