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The Angry Birds AI Competition has been held annually since 2012 in conjunction with some of the major AI conferences, most recently with IJCAI 2015. The goal of the competition is to build AI agents that can play new Angry Birds levels as good as or better than the best human players. Successful agents should be able to quickly analyze new levels and to(More)
The ever increasing supply of data is bringing a renewed attention to query personalization. Query personalization is a technique that utilizes user preferences with the goal of providing relevant results to the users. Along with preferences, diversity is another important aspect of query personalization especially useful during data exploration. The goal(More)
Many current computer vision approaches for object detection can only detect objects that have been learned in advance. In this paper, we present a method that uses qualitative stability analysis to infer the existence of unknown objects in certain areas of the images based on gravity and stability of already detected objects. Our method recursively(More)
In hard disk drives (HDDs), head skew error among multiple heads is calibrated during manufacturing process, and will be implemented prior to head switching seeks. In operational environment, additional head skew deviation due to temperature drift may be observed, which could introduce heavy handling burden for feedback controller along with unacceptable(More)
The exponential growth of high dimensional biological data has led to a rapid increase in demand for automated approaches for knowledge production. Existing methods rely on two general approaches to address this challenge: 1) the Theorydriven approach, which utilizes prior accumulated knowledge, and 2)the Data-driven approach, which solely utilizes the data(More)
There is mounting evidence that manufacturing energy and environmental costs are a growing factor in the overall energy footprint of computing systems. The quantification of these impacts requires the evaluation of both the manufacturing and use phase energy/environmental costs of major integrated circuit (IC) components, including processing units, memory,(More)