Xiaoyou Ying

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During pregnancy, changes in circulating levels of hormones, including estrogens, correlates with a significant decrease in the relapse incidence in women with Multiple Sclerosis (MS). In the present study, we demonstrate that both primary and cell line cultures of rat oligodendrocytes express the estrogen receptor (ER)-alpha and ERbeta estrogen receptors(More)
tacharya. Pressure-induced endothelial Ca 2ϩ oscillations in lung capillaries.lial second messenger responses may contribute to the pathology of high vascular pressure but remain poorly understood because of the lack of direct in situ quantification. In lung venular capillaries, we determined endothelial cytosolic Ca 2ϩ concentration [Ca 2ϩ ]i by the fura 2(More)
Gap junctions coordinate electrical signals and facilitate metabolic synchronization between cells. In this study, the authors have developed a novel assay for the identification of gap junction blockers using fluorescence microscopy imaging-based high-content screening technology. In the assay, the communication between neighboring cells through gap(More)
Modern imaging technology, now utilized in most biomedical research areas (bioimaging), enables the detection and visualization of biological processes at various levels of the molecule, organelle, cell, tissue, organ and/or whole body. In toxicologic pathology, the impact of modern imaging technology is becoming apparent from digital histopathology to(More)
In this paper, we propose a new dynamic learning framework that requires a small amount of labeled data in the beginning, then incrementally discovers informative unlabeled data to be hand-labeled and incorporates them into the training set to improve learning performance. This approach has great potential to reduce the training expense in many medical(More)
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