Xiaoyou Shan

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Eye detecting is an important part of computer face recognition. Eye detecting is vulnerable to impact of different gesture and light under complex environment. In order to solve the complex environment of the human eye positioning problem, use a Based on Adaboost and gray-scale information of the human eye detection algorithm. Firstly, collecting different(More)
This paper presents a modified harmony search (MHS) algorithm for solving 0-1 knapsack problems. MHS employs position update strategy for generating new solution vectors that enhances accuracy and convergence rate of harmony search (HS) algorithm. Besides, the harmony memory consideration rate (HMCR) is dynamically adapted to the changing of objective(More)
In this paper, A Modified Differential Algorithm (MDE) developed to solve unconstrained problems. The MDE algorithm use pitch adjustment replaces the traditional mutation operation and design a dynamic method to adjust the crossover rate (CR). The former can enhance the convergence of the MDE, and the latter can effectively prevent the MDE from being(More)
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