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This paper proposes a quite accurate CMOS temperature sensor designed and developed for monitoring enviromental temperature. The sensor uses subthreshold MOSFET to measure temperature. The circuit has been implemented by IO thick-oxide MOS devices in 0.13um standard logic process and occupies a silicon area of 37&#x00D7;41um<sup>2</sup>. The performance of(More)
A novel method for SRAM cell standby leakage measurement is presented, which enables accurate testing and decoupling of sub-threshold leakage (I_sub), gate leakage (I_gate) and junction leakage (I_junc) in each SRAM cell transistor. Moreover, the array based technique can not only precisely measure small current but also compensate the impact from random(More)
The Internet of Things(IoT) has become a popular technology, and various middleware has been proposed and developed for IoT systems. However, there have been few studies on the data management of IoT systems. In this paper, we consider graph database models for the data management of IoT systems because these models can specify relationships in a(More)