Xiaoyong Li

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Keywords: Large-scale P2P computing Trust model Trust factor WMA–OWA combination algorithms a b s t r a c t In large-scale peer-to-peer (P2P) computing, trust management technology has become a key requirement for network security. However, trust is one of the most complex concepts in network communities.worthiness has multi-dimensional properties. In this(More)
—The resource efficiency and dependability of a trust system are the most fundamental requirements for any wireless sensor network (WSN). However, existing trust systems developed for WSNs are incapable of satisfying these requirements because of their high overhead and low dependability. In this work, we proposed a lightweight and dependable trust system(More)
The key to the success of a P2P reputation system is the feedbacks aggre-gating mechanism. Based on human cognitive psychology, Tree-Trust, a novel reputation model is introduced, in which the concept of direct trust tree (DTT) is presented innovatively. The main contributions include: (1) in Tree-Trust, feedbacks are searched by using DTT instead of in(More)