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  • Xiaoyong Lei, Robert N. Bone, Tomader Ali, Mary Wohltmann, Ying Gai, Karen J. Goodwin +3 others
  • 2013
β-cell apoptosis is a significant contributor to β-cell dysfunction in diabetes and ER stress is among the factors that contributes to β-cell death. We previously identified that the Ca²⁺-independent phospholipase A₂β (iPLA₂β), which in islets is localized in β-cells, participates in ER stress-induced β-cell apoptosis. Here, direct assessment of iPLA₂β role(More)
  • Robert N. Bone, Ying Gai, Victoria Magrioti, Maroula G. Kokotou, Tomader Ali, Xiaoyong Lei +3 others
  • 2015
Autoimmune β-cell death leads to type 1 diabetes, and with findings that Ca(2+)-independent phospholipase A2β (iPLA2β) activation contributes to β-cell death, we assessed the effects of iPLA2β inhibition on diabetes development. Administration of FKGK18, a reversible iPLA2β inhibitor, to NOD female mice significantly reduced diabetes incidence in(More)
Two series of amino acid derivatives containing chrysin were prepared from 7-O-carboxymethyl chrysin (4a) and 7-O-carboxypropyl chrysin (4b) and amino acid methyl esters by treatment with 1-ethyl-3-(3-dimethylaminopropyl)carbodiimide hydrochloride and N-hydroxybenzotriazole as coupling reagents. The anti-proliferative activities of these derivatives in(More)
In this paper, virtual manipulation technology is investigated for a class of virtual cockpit system. Firstly, a prototype is constructed for the virtual manipulation process. Then some of the key techniques involved in the virtual manipulation prototype are discussed respectively. These techniques include the tracking and modelling of hand, modelling of(More)
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